Service Offering

So you want to create your radio website. And you are triggered by the powerful features as offered by the Pro.Radio theme. Then let’s get started.


There’s a world of digital adventure out there and the styling options are virtually unlimited.

However, your website should reflect and strengthen your radio brand, should display the look & feel that you want to offer your listeners. It’s the graphical representation, the ‘digital twin’, of your radio stream. And you want to dress in order to impress, that’s clear.

At M2-D2 we have a team of professional designers, offering a broad range of design styles. Ranging from “super slick commercial” to “techy nerdy”, from “business content” to “comic book avatars”. And beyond design we also have a team of user interaction experts, focused on building the perfect visitor and listener experience. Because a great radio station needs a great website with great design and great ease of usage. In close cooperation with you, we assemble the right skills and start designing your radio station website. Using prebuilts for efficiency, but explicitly not using prebuilts for those elements where your radio station is different from all others!


Pro.Radio comes with 9 prebuilt website demos. Each demo contains many unique homepage templates for your radio station, ready to be modified, mixed or changed!

Based on the agreed design, we will build your radio station website. Not by coding from the ground up, but by leveraging the extensive capabilities of the Pro.Radio theme. Because what is readily available should be used to not invent the wheel again. Saving time and budget, maximizing maintainability, availability and serviceability of your radio station website once it goes live.

Being official Pro.Radio services partner, our radio station team knows all configuration options. We know the strengths, but equally important the limitations, of the standard available options. So your radio station website runs exactly those functionalities it requires.


The Pro.Radio theme is a living thing, meaning it never stands still. Functionality is constantly evolving, while ensuring that the code base does not run into Italian spaghetti, which would endanger maintainability, availability and serviceability. So if you are in need of functionality not yet provided by the Pro.Radio theme, we know the roadmap and we can advise on waiting versus custom development.

If the best choice is custom development our team of front-end and back-end developers is able to capture your requirements and turn that into a smoothly running application, or add-on module to your radio station website. Or built application programming interfaces, APIs, that enable your radio station website to leverage the wealth of API-enabled services out there. Enter the API economy!


Technology should be working. Always, That’s true for cars, radio broadcasters and all IT stuff including websites and APIs. But the reality is that IT, software and hardware, sometimes feels like a ‘living thing’, with its own heartbeat, not always consistent behavior, and ability to break. And that’s not what your radio station website deserves.

We keep the lights on. Using your preferred hosting provider, we manage their activities as well as the application layers on top of their hosting capabilities. ‘Software is eating the world’ is a well-known statement of Marc Andreessen, co-founder and general partner of venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz, which has invested in Facebook, Groupon, Skype, Twitter, Zynga, and Foursquare, among others. That’s true, for sure, but we don’t want software to be the snake biting in your ankles. We manage the beast.