Blogging Features

Your imagination is the only limit! With hundreds of different settings, the Pro.Radio player is the Swiss-knife of your radio website.

Blog cards

Display a beautiful grid of posts and build your radio magazine.

A grid of posts to build stunning magazine pages

Using the featured image as the background, the blog cards widget can display your posts, allowing you to customise your query in great detail.

The blog cards feature also includes a handy Load More button functionality!

Fit any design

With the column control you can easily allow to display 1 to 4 columns per row, perfect to fit a blog spotlight or grid a featured section of news on your magazine or blog page.

Post inline

Display a list of posts and build your radio magazine.

Flexible and multi-purpose

The “post inline” can easily show any custom post type, change font size, filter the results by any taxonomy, and optionally display a “load more” button.

You can use it for posts but also podcasts, music charts, events and more. Easily extract the results also by views, likes and ratings.

Post carousel

Display a carousel of posts, podcasts or other custom post types


A dynamic carousel to display events, posts, podcasts, charts and more

Craft your data query with precision, and set your design options: it’s easy to obtain very different results with this incredibly versatile carousel widget.

Any custom post type

Every post type has its own card template to obtain an incredibly unique and professional result.

Responsive and flexible

You can make a full width carousel or place it in a column: easily manage items per row and design settings.

To each post type its design

The cards are interactive! MP3 podcasts can be played, posts can be shared, straight from the carousel!

Post hero

Highlight top news articles with this element

Flexible and versatile for your mag pages

Tons of content and design options to customize appearance and query: easily build a stunning magazine page or your radio station website.

Customize the design of your Hero Post visually with Pro.Radio.

Change the font size, the height, margin, padding vertically and horizontally. You can change the design to adapt the post hero to a huge modern heading intro or squeeze it into a half page.

The optional “load more” button allows the visitor to load other articles within the same list of query results.

You can set 1 or more elements and choose the order parameters. The items can also be extracted by votes, by views or rating.

You can also set a query offset to hide some results (for example, if you had some posts already before, and want to skip them) or manually add a list of items to exclude. The hero post has a built-in like and share functionality as well.

Horizontal post list

A refreshed view of the classic blog design

A solid base for your blog page design

The classic horizontal design of the blog posts is flexible and fresh, with a return of the classic 2 columns post layout. You can customize the query and the caption size. A category filter makes it easy, together with the offset and custom order parameters, to craft a query that fits perfectly on your magazine page. News are a fundamental brick of any radio station: that’s why Pro.Radio has every tool you need!

Large post list

Classic vertical design for a strong blog page

The "post list large is the perfect tool for a bold blog page design

The “post list large” is an element born for blogging and magazine pages, based on the classic vertical design with the featured image on top, and the contents on bottom. The query can be crafted by category, order, offset and exclude parameters.

Post or page grid

A flexible grid widget to display posts, podcasts, events and more

Build any grid of posts, podcasts, events, team members of charts

This extremely flexible grid widget is perfect to create a grid of items from any custom post type.

You can easily set between 1 and 4 items per row in mobile and tablet, making it suitable for a complex magazine grid.

The post type selector is perfect for a complex radio station page, as you can display also custom post types as top 10 charts, team members, events and podcasts.

The query can be crafted with additional details as custom taxonomy filters, order parameters, offset and exclude parameters.

Post slider

Build a dynamic slider of news for your radio magazine

Design flexibility

Easily craft your custom query using category selections, ID selection, maximum amount of items and order parameters.

Customizable query

Easily set the caption font size, slider height for multiple resolutions, vertical and horizontal padding, auto-play timeout and more: craft the perfect slider for any style of radio station website, fitting a “young and bold” or a “business and sober” design style, with ease!

Post mosaic

A quick ready-made mosaic template for a modern blog section

Craft your query

With the post mosaic you can make a section for every comples or simple magazine page: the query can be crafted to extract posts by category, skip results with the offset parameter, and even build a meta field based query, allowing to extract the posts by views or shares.

Category grid

Display a grid of any taxonomy you want

Easily set a background image for any category

The powerful Category Background plugin from Pro.Radio makes it easy to set a custom background image for every term, of any taxonomy.

Craft your grid

Easily control which terms (categories or other taxonomy) to include or exclude. You can use this for posts, events, charts and more! The columns can be easily adjusted for the different screen resolutions to ensure the maximum adaptability with your cusotm layout created with Elementor. For a successful radio website you need for sure a strong magazine page, and this little tool may come in very handy to help your visitors finding the right topics.