Non-Stop Player

Your imagination is the only limit! With hundreds of different settings, the Pro.Radio player is the Swiss-knife of your radio website.

One player limitless customizations

Infinite colors and typography combinations available

Volume and play buttons included in menu bar

Play radios, podcast and chart tracks

Open the player in custom popups with any style

Radio card

A simple card for a radio channel with a play button

A playable card with logo and background

If you want to promote listening to the stream or you want to display a page with multiple streaming channels in a grid format, this item is for you! Unique and functional, easily add a card with a custom background and a play button, automatically including the settings of the radio channel.

Easily choose the radio channel from the dropdown, and the card will automatically be created with all the information from your channel settings. Additionally set a custom height to fit your column height.

Radio feed titles

Automatically display the song titles of the currently playing radio channel

Display the song titles from your stream

If your radio channel uses the classic ICY metadata, Shoutcast (v2), Icecast (v2.4) or any other supported format as text feed,, live 365 or other compatible streaming services, you can display the song titles anywhere in your page and the bundled “Feed Titles” widget: it will automatically link to the player and display the song title of the current stream that is being played, adapting to the channel switch for every radio.

Any font family, style, alignment and size!

Interactive radio button

Beyond standard buttons:
link a page or play the music!

The custom button of Pro.Radio allows to make a custom Play button and link any radio channel from the archive. Tiny, mastodontic, squared, round, with an icon or without, any color and border type. Of course, you can simply link a page!