Professional Radio Websites

The only team you need to build your professional radio station website without breaking a sweat!

Meet the non-stop radio player

More than 30 custom widgets for radio stations: add music players, schedule, shows, news, charts, podcasts and more.

Optimized for mobile streaming

Set your alternative audio source (with a lower bitrate) for your mobile audience. It’s just a click.

Display song titles and covers

And now finally, display also the song covers for any popular music album!*

*Support for titltes from Shoutcast (>2), Icecast (> 2.4), ICY metadata,, Airtime Pro, Airtime, Live365, Radionomy, plain text, RadioKing, Azuracast. Album covers are fetched from public archives and are available only for public commercial albums.

One player limitless customizations

Your imagination is the only limit. With hundreds of different settings Pro.Radio player is the swiss-knife of your radio website.

Infinite colors and typography combinations available

Volume and play buttons included in menu bar

Play radio, podcast and chart tracks

Open the player in custom popups with any style

Radio schedule timetable

With its huge amount of different settings player is the swiss-knife of your radio website. Your imagination is the only limit.

Show all the upcoming shows with automatic sliders and carousel

Interactive radio schedule

Add unlimited shows to your daily schedule with dynamic linking. Edit the show once to modify any instance of the schedule.

Including automatic time and day detection

Radio shows

Radio shows can be linked dynamically to the schedule: change a show once to automatically update every timetable.

Radio charts top 10+

Unlimited tracks. Easily display the tracklist on any page. Auto-embed latest related chart in its show page Up + Down vote + auto reorder.

DJs and speakers

The built-in members “post type” is perfect to archive and display each single professional of your radio station, like DJs, speakers, journalists and more, with a custom taxonomy to filter the results across custom pages, carousels and archives. Bio and social network profiles custom fields.

Professional podcast features

Upload your shows in MP3, or use your popular podcasting service. Automatically display a podcast archive within its own show page.

Fully supporting

Display events

parties and concerts beautifully

Automatically order events by date, display the event with multiple styles, and show a countdown shortcode. Automatically hide past events and Google “Add to Calendar” button. With Google Maps visualization.